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Celebrate National Read Aloud Month - Become a Classroom Sponsor Today!

Your gift will ensure that together, we will continue to transform lives through literacy.

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Houston, we have a problem. Right now, we are facing a literacy crisis amongst our youngest citizens. According to the Children at Risk ranking scale, there are 79 (out of 159) HISD elementary schools that scored a C- or below. Add in the fact that research indicates reading below a 3rd-grade level is highly correlated to future academic challenges, as well as dropout, incarceration, and poverty rates. It is clear to see that we can and should do more.

Since 2006, Literacy Now has served more than 17,000 children and their parents through critical literacy, leadership, and life skills programming. Our mission and passion is to provide vital programs that build a solid reading foundation while developing social skills that will be instrumental in helping each child achieve success in life.

While we have made advances in raising literacy rates, our work won’t be done until every child in Houston, that struggles to read has the opportunity to succeed. We invite you to make a difference and partner with us during National Read Aloud Month, which we will celebrate February 17 through March 6, 2020. Reading aloud, for just 15 minutes a day, is critically important during a child’s earliest years of life, and the act of reading aloud is both a preventative measure and a solution for raising literacy rates to transform our city. There are two ways that you can be part of the solution for raising literacy rates during National Read Aloud Month.

  1. Become a classroom sponsor for $500 per classroom to provide each child with two books to begin or build their home library.


  1. Encourage employees, associates, and friends to serve as volunteer readers in any one of the 11 HISD elementary schools served by Literacy Now programs. Each volunteer will commit to reading once per week for three weeks from February 17 through March 6, 2020. Volunteers will read for 30 minutes per visit to their 1st or 2nd-grade classroom on the agreed-upon day and time.

Last year was a tremendous success, and with your support, we can empower even more kids!

•890 students took part in National Read Aloud Month

•41 1st and 2nd-grade classrooms at nine partner elementary schools participated

•46 volunteers donated a total of 60 hours

•1,024 books were distributed to help build or start a student’s home library

Due to the recent name change to Literacy Now, please excuse the Making It Better mentions in the video below. Thank you.